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As long as I can remember I was painting, drawing, and sculpting horses.  I got my first Breyer when I was seven and eagerly began my collection.  Soon I was repainting and repositioning my Breyers and attending Breyerfest so I could buy even more horses to practice on.  I did my first original sculpture when I was fourteen and cast it myself several years later for a high school project. Meanwhile, I sculpted Magellan, a portrait of my real horse who would be my first resin casting.  It was so incredible to see my own sculpture in hard white resin for the first time!


I took time off from sculpting after high school in order to pursue some of my other interests such as rock climbing, mountaineering, and traveling for a year in Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia.  In Australia, I worked exercising racehorses, polo horses, and training young horses.  



About the Artist

My horse Magellan &  I

My first sculpture - a portrait of Magellan

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